Mom's Day Off

When two exhausted new moms meet up for a day of relaxation, a salon offers them a surreal and fantastical back room experience that individually caters to their deepest needs and fantasies.

Starring: Caitlin Brodnick and Julia Kelly

Directed by 

David Ebert

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)  

Caitlin Brodnick(written by)
Julia Kelly(written by)


Tessa HershShopping Mom
Tami SagherNursery Mama
David BluvbandGangster 2
Ann CarrBoxing Mom
Cilda ShaurSalon Owner
Caitlin BrodnickCaitlin
James CokerStylist 1
Becky ChicoineStylist 2
Doug MoeGangster 3
Iliana InocencioPolitician Mom
Jonathan MarballiGangster 1
Judith C. PoseyHallway Mom 1
Julia KellyJulia
Shane OsgoodDad
Krista JensenReal Housewives Mom
Jawnee ConroyRat